Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random bullets of Pollen

- When I was a kid, I got sick every spring. So did my dad. We finally figured out it was a pretty good case of hay fever brought on by an allergy to tree pollen. I've had shots, pills, you name it. My worst allergies were when I lived in Athens and when I lived in Dallas (the wind blows in tree pollen from the Rockies - no lie!).

- Until now. My life is coated in a thick (as in measurable to the naked eye) coat of pollen. It's amazing, and I'm VERY ill from it. Right now, I'm unable to even take any meds for it except for Benedryl. Sigh. I'm either Sleepy or Sneezy. I'm also Grumpy, so I guess I'm well on my way to needing Snow White around here.

- Little Miss S seems to have the same issues. She's now fighting a pretty good case of the sneezes and snorts herself, and I feel pretty badly for her.

- Our back patio is a bricked patio. It's normally a lovely bricky color. It's all pollen-colored now. Except the big circles (think crop circle-like in it) that appear at random. Mr. Mac has been very confused about what are now known as the Pollen Circles. He was out there looking one evening trying to find where the winds were swirling. I finally looked at him and said "Honey - see that big yellow cat over there? Remember the places you typically see him sprawling for soaking up the sun. Yeah, same place as the pollen circles!" Mystery solved!

- Little Miss S loves the outdoors, especially when it's warm. She also hates the "Lallow Duss" as she calls it. She goes out on the patio with a rag, and proceeds to clean off her table and chairs. Then she goes to her swingset and cleans that. Then she plays. Remember, folks, she's two.

- Miss M (asthmatic) comes in town for spring break. How much anyone care to wager her mom actually sends her meds with her? Heh!


Blogger Scrivener said...

Oy. Tell me about it. On the way home today, I swear I could actually see the yellow mist hanging in the air in front of me.

9:17 PM, March 29, 2007  

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